The Top Five World Famous Sunsets

The Top Five World Famous Sunsets

Besides the beautiful landscapes and breath taking views, watching the sun descend in some of the most beautiful places in the world should be on your bucket list.

Ever wonder where the top five world famous sunsets are? Wherever you have traveled it is likely you have watched the sun fall into the horizon and you probably have photographed the unforgettable moment. But we will see just how much your favourite sunsets measure up to the top five world famous sunsets. If by chance you were headed in these directions anyways, you may just want extend a layover and catch the famous sunsets. And of course we’ve done the research on the best hotels to stay in while your taking in the breath taking moments.

 1.Tanzania, World Famous Sunset

tansania sunset

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With Tanzania known for its vast array of wilderness and the ‘big five’ animals including the lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and rhino, you are sure to catch at least one in the silhouette of the descending sun. For accommodations check out the best resorts and villas in Tanzania.

2.Canals of Amsterdam, World Famous Sunset

amsterdam canal sunset

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 With more than a 100 kilometres of canals, I’m confident you can find a good spot to watch the sun fall into them. If you get a chance to spend a night in the Capital of the Netherlands, you best head down and and experience the canals regardless. For the best deals and reviews on hotels in Amsterdam check out


3.Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles World Famous Sunset

santa monica pier sunset

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 Watch the sun set in the ocean admits the oconic pier, a 100 year old celebrated landmark in California. And if touring the west  cost wasn’t beautiful enough, then the sunset is sure to have your coming back for more. For the best places to stay, restaurants to eat at, and things to see in Los Angeles check out

4.The Sahara Desert World Famous Sunset

sahara desert sunset

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Arabic for ‘The Great Desert’ the Sahara desert is definitely something to experience within your lifetime. Covering eleven different countries, you have multiple destinations to visit while still seeing one of the most beautiful sunsets. Click here for the best tours and experiences.


5. Ayers Rock, Australian Outback

famous austrailia sunset

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Located right in central Australia, the sandstone rock formation is over 700-million old. A must see whether you watch the sun set behind it or not. For accommodations close to the landmark check out TripAdvisor.

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