This Is What A $83,000 And A $2 Hotel Room Look Like

This Is What A $83,000 And A $2 Hotel Room Look Like


You can hardly buy a coffee these days for $2, while in some places you can get a hotel night for the same price. On the other hand, $83,000 can get you a down payment on a nice home OR can get you just ONE night at the most expensive hotel in the world. This is what a $82,998 difference looks like…


$83,000= 1 night  at Hotel President Wilson


$83,000= 41,500 nights (114 years)  at Utopia Guesthouse



Introducing Utopia in Sihanoukville, Cambodia for $2/night…


More than a campground, but not quite a full-fledged hotel. You can stay a night here for just under $2 a night! Your $2/night stay will get you a bed in a 16-bed  room overlooking the swimming pool.  Not only that, but the hotel also includes:

  • An outdoor swimming pool and hot tub
  • Gym and sauna
  • A restaurant with meals starting at $1 
  • A bar with 25 cent beers!






Introducing the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson Geneva, Switzerland for $83,000/night…

On the other hand, you just need to spend $82,998  more to get upgraded to the most expensive suite in the world. The Royal Penthouse Suite is deemed the most expensive hotel room in the world at $83,200/night with the price dropping to $59,000 (depending on the season).


So what does this hotel have that Utopia doesn’t?  To start, the 12-bedroom, 12 bathroom suite totals 18,000 square feet (taking over the whole floor), with a wraparound terrace overlooking Lake Geneva.

As most heads of state or privacy-conscious celebs stay here, the suite includes a human-sized safe, bulletproof windows, private helipad access and armoured doors…well it better for $83,000 a night.




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