This Is How You Pick The Best Seat For Your Next Flight

This Is How You Pick The Best Seat For Your Next Flight

Don’t want to sit next to a crying baby? Check out this cheat sheet for picking the best plane seat.

Picking the right seat on a plane can be a risky task. You could luck out on getting extra legroom (emergency exit), or you couple end up between a couple of upset babies. This handy infographic is a great cheat sheet for choosing the best seat on your next flight.




Want more leg room?

Choose a bulkhead seat, which don’t have any seats in front of it.


Need to store a large carry-on?

Storage space fills up closer to the front as passengers get on. So pick a seat in the back for extra storage.


Want to avoid crying babies?

Bulkhead seating attracts most parents as there is more room and it’s closer to the front of the plane. You may get more room here, but you could be around younger families.


 Want more space between the seats?

The distance between seats (seat pitch) actually increases towards the back of the plane. 


SOURCE: Show Me How / Via
SOURCE: Show Me How / Via



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