The Craziest Ocean Views From Hotels Around The World

The Craziest Ocean Views From Hotels Around The World

Need some travel motivation? We dare you to make it through the list without adding one of these spots to your bucket-list.


1. Astra Suites

Location: Santorini, Greece

Price: $235+ per night

All suites have verandas with a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea with a sunset included. Breakfast is served on your private balcony where you can stay all day while enjoying the best view in Greece.


2. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Location: Maldives 

Price: $1,150+ per night

 Where a hotel room meets heaven. In the middle of the Indian ocean, these luxurious ocean villas are beyond perfection. 





3. Jade Mountain Resort

Location: St. Lucia

Price: $1416 per night, sleeps two

The uniquely designed resort, with spectacular views  of the Jade mountains and sea makes it an extraordinary place to visit.




4. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Price: $359+ per night

Looking for a quiet place in Ibiza? Hotel Hacienda is the quiet oasis on the crazy party island of Ibiza. It offers private pools and stunning views of the Mediterranean. We promise you’ll never want to go back to the other side of the island.


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5. The Overwater Bungalow

Location: Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Price: $265 per night, sleeps four

Want to enjoy the ocean view with the chance to jump in? Check out these overwater bungalows in Malaysia. Also part of the coolest ocean villas on Airbnb.




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