Trip Hack Guide: Paris

Trip Hack Guide: Paris

It’s no secret that Paris is known to be the most desirable city in the world… but it’s also on the ‘World’s Most Expensive Cities’ lists. However, with some travel planning and hacks you can see everything the city has to offer without going over your budget.

AirFare Hacks:

Cheapest time to go:  March and April

Most Expensive:  July and August

When to fly: Fly out on a Monday, return on a Thursday.

Best time to buy: On a Thursday, 6 months in advance.  

Cheapest Airfare to Paris found here:  Skyscanner

Best Airlines: Icelandair, Lufthansa, and Air Canada have the lowest fares.

Am I getting a good deal? Good deals for this route are priced below $755.


Accommodation Hacks:

Hostel Prices: Dorm for $30-40 USD/person

Cheapest Hostel Site: Hostel World (no booking fees!)

2-3 star hotel prices:  $60-150 USD/night using

4-5 star hotel prices:  $150+ USD/night using

Hotwire:  If you aren’t too picky with the brand of the hotel and are willing to forfeit  the name of the hotel for up to 50% off. You can access the deals here.

Air B & B: The selection of authentic apartments and other unique accommodations in Sydney can be found on Air B & B. You can access the best selection of rooms here.

Jetsetter: Often has flash sales of only 4-5 star hotels like the Trump or Four Seasons for 20-40% off. You can access the New York deals here.



Airport Transportation:

Metro: Trains for Paris usually leave from platforms 11 and 12. Look for signs saying “RER B” or “All trains go to Paris”. When using the ticket from and to the airport (as with tickets for the RER commuter trains in general) you have to use it to enter and to exit the train. Always keep the ticket handy as the SNCF officials sometimes check for tickets, and if you are without one you may be fined €40. This means that after you put the ticket into the entry gate and are cleared to pass, you must retrieve the ticket from the machine and keep it with you until you leave the train system including any connections.

Taxis: Do not get into a taxi which is not clearly marked “taxi.” Taxi services between CDG and Paris should not exceed €150; scammers will try to charge you €225 or more.

Other Shuttle Companies:

  • Cab Service Prestige offers a Mercedes E transfer for up to 4 people for €150 from CDG to the city.
  • Easy Private Taxi offers a sedan from CDG to the city up to 2 people for €60, up 4 people for €70 and up to 8 people for €90.
  • LeCab offers a sedan to and from CDG for up to 4 people for €48, and to and from Orly for up to 4 people for €37.
  • Private Car Service Paris offers luxury Mercedes Class E and S airport pickups from CDG and Orly to the city or Hotel for €120 and private chauffeur services for €70.


Food & Drinks:

Fast Food Meal: $7  USD/person

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $20 USD/person

Mid-range 3 course meal: $70 USD/ person

Beer: $7.00 USD each

Cocktail: $10 each

Groceries for the week: $50-80 USD per week

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