Would You Stay in a Monastery or Temple on Your next Trip?  4 Dirt Cheap Hotel Alternatives

Would You Stay in a Monastery or Temple on Your next Trip? 4 Dirt Cheap Hotel Alternatives

From staying with locals for free, to waking up in a monastery or temple. Here are five accommodation ideas that are cheaper alternatives than that cookie cutter hotel room.

1. Staying for free with locals

Since the rise of the internet, a plethora of travel sites and hospitality networks have been created. There are thousands of friendly locals out there that are willing to host travellers for free. These sites offer a safe and secure system by displaying reviews and detailed information on the different hosts. 

Here are our two favourite:


2. House-sit and stay for free

If sharing space with a local isn’t your thing, than why not house sit for them? Free accommodation is provided in exchange for watching and maintaining someone else’s home while they’re away.



3. Rent a home and save some cash

If you’re part of a group and are don’t want a hotel, this is a good idea.  You also get a kitchen, which saves you a huge amount of money instead of eating out.

The new craze is Airbnb. Why? Because it’s off the beaten track, you interact with locals and you usually get a lot more bang for your buck. If you’re not finding anything on Airbnb check out some other great rentals sites: [


4. Help out at a farm, and stay for free

It doesn’t sound too fancy, but don’t dismiss it until you’ve looked at some of these farm stays. It’s far from sleeping with cows and sheep…it’s more of a country bed & breakfast. The prices vary depending on the location but average out around $40/night. Here’s a list of resources for farm stays:


4. Want a completely different experience? Stay in a monastery or temple. 

Want something totally off the beaten track? Stay in a monastery or temple. These type of trips have been gaining popularity ever since Julia Roberts character stayed in one in the hit film Eat Pray Love. Most monasteries are free but usually ask for a donation anywhere between $5 -$40/night. Resources for finding a monastery stay:


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