How To Get A Free Car For Your Next Road Trip

How To Get A Free Car For Your Next Road Trip

Ready, Set…ROADTRIP.

Thinking about renting a car for your next road trip? You might be able to get it for free, as long as you hold a clean driving record and are over the age of 23.

Many companies in the business of transporting and delivering cars, actually outsource most of the work. They use regular people, with perfect driving records to move the vehicles from one destination to the other. 

How do I do this?

  • Call them up and ask more about the cars available and any other restrictions they may have. 
  • If nothing matches your preference, put your name on their list and request your destinations.
  • Gas is paid for, but please make sure you have valid insurance.
  • For the return trip, please note you have to find your own way back…either through another relocation car or a one-way flight.


Please drive responsibly!




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