The Six Step Guide to Bidding on Airline Tickets

The Six Step Guide to Bidding on Airline Tickets

We’ve all heard about travellers who ‘bid on their flight.’ But no one really know how it works, where to start…and how you can actually save. Well, here is the step by step process.

You should only be bidding on your flight if…


  • You have to fly soon (within a couple of weeks).

  • You have an idea of how much the flights should go for.

  • Your exact timing and date for the flight is flexible. 


How do I bid for my flight?


1) First, get an idea of how much the ticket should be using  Expedia or any other flight search engine you’re familiar with.


2) Go to Priceline Name Your Own Price Page a few days before you have to buy the ticket (so you have time to rebid).


3) Choose where you want to go (departure and arrival point) and make sure it’s common international airport.


4) Make sure to check off only jet planes with 1 connection.


5) Bid for your flight and enter in your credit card details. If Priceline accepts this bid, your credit card will be charged.


6) If they don’t accept your credit card, you are able to re-bid until Priceline accepts.


Best site for airfare bidding: PRICELINE

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