How To Swim With Pigs in The Bahamas – Everything You Need To Know

How To Swim With Pigs in The Bahamas – Everything You Need To Know

Yes, ‘Pig Beach’ really exists, and it’s becoming one of the most popular excursions in the Bahamas. But where exactly is it, how do you get there, and how much does it cost? Don’t worry, we’ve covered everything you need to know about swimming with pigs in the Bahamas…

From being seen on The Bachelor to being shot with Victoria Secret models, these Bahamian pigs have been quite famous lately. Snapshots of people surrounded by white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and wild pigs have been trending on social media.

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The pigs can be found on the island of Major Cay, Bahamas. There are no actual accommodations on the island so you have to get there via boat.  We’ve researched, reviewed and answered all of your questions below on how to swim with pigs in the Bahamas:

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Where is it and how do I get there?

The best way to get there is from the Island of Great Exuma. Most of the excursions leave from the Exuma Barratarre Government Dock, with the option of being picked up from your hotel. There are a couple of excursions that leave from Nassau (Atlantis hotel) but are more expensive and require more time in the boat getting there.

    What would be the closest airport?

The closest international airport would be on the island of Nassau, with George Town Airport being the closest and main airport on Great Exuma. You can try finding the cheapest flights into the Bahamas here. 

What are the closest hotels?

There are plenty of beautiful beach resorts in Great Exuma, making the excursion a lot more convenient. See our top 5 favourite on TripAdvisor here. 

How much will it cost me?

Most excursions start at $150 USD and include stops on other islands, lunch, and snorkelling. Expect to pay more for transportation if you’re not staying on the island of Great Exuma, or for additional add-ons. If you have a larger group, definitely ask for a private tour which can be customizable to your preferences (and could cost less!).

What are the top rated excursions?


1. Robert’s Island Adventures

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Photo Source: TripAdvisor/Robert’s Island Adventures 

Where Does It Leave From? The excursion leaves from Exuma Barratarre Government Dock.

What Does It Include? A full day trip with an exceptionally large intinerary. Start off heading through the crystal blue waters around the cays of privately owned celebrity islands. First stop is at Leaf Cay, where you get to see large iguanas and walk a mile long sand bar that is known to be exceptionally beautiful. Then you’ll move on to Major Cay, the highlight of the trip….swimming with pigs. After that snorkelling, lunch, and swimming with sharks (if you so choose) are all on the list.

How Much Does It Cost? Prices available upon request.

What do the reviews say? “Definitely one of the best excursions I’ve been to. Robert and Captain William gave us a full tour of the surrounding celebrity islands and historical backgrounds. We got to see Iguanas, swimming pigs (oh they are so cute), and sea turtles. It was an adventurous day, the sandbar was definitely a surprise for me and the snacks & drinks on board was delicious. Thanks again for a fun day!!” – Lindy Y, New York via TripAdvisor Read more reviews here.

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2. Exuma Water Sports

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Photo Source: TripAdvisor/Exuma Water Sports

Where Does It Leave From? Located on the most Northwestern point of great Exuma Bahamas in the town of Barratarre.

What Does It Include? A half day excursion that powerboats through over 70 popular islands around Bahamas, with views of celebrity homes, iguanas and stingrays. The trip includes multiple stops on some of the most sought after islands and snorkelling in the colourful reefs. And yes a stop at the popular Pig Beach. Drinks, food, and snorkeling gear is all provided.

How Much Does It Cost? Rates start at $150 USD per person.

What Do The Reviews Say? “Came to Exuma just to swim with the famous piggies. We did the half day ocean safari and had a great time, would highly recommend.” -Taylor G, New York via TripAdvisor. Read more Exuma Water Sports reviews.

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3. Coastline Adventures Exuma Sea & Boat Tours

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Photo Source: TripAdvisor 

Where Does It Leave From? Roundtrip transportation from numerous hotels and islands including Sandals Emerald Bay Resort and Nassau Bahamas.

What Does It Include? Boat ride through the Cays, snorkelling in the beautiful reefs, drink, stop for lunch, and of course swimming with the world famous pigs. A highly rated, and exceptionally popular excursion with everything from island hoping to freshly prepared lunches and drinks.

How Much Does It Cost? Price available upon request.

What are the reviews?This was a wonderful full day tour. The first half is a boat ride around the various Islands which was a nice relaxing way to start the day. The second half includes snorkeling, pigs, nurse sharks and iguanas. The crew is fantastic, the Bahama Mamas strong, the water beautiful and the animals amazing.” -Csav, Dallas Read more reviews here!

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