Trip Hack Guide: Bangkok

Trip Hack Guide: Bangkok

Bangkok is the epitome of chaos. But it’s also known for it’s cheap prices, amazing good and wild nightlife. Love it or hate it, here’s how to get there and explore it on the cheap.


AirFare Hacks:

Cheapest time to go:  September and October. 

Most Expensive:  July and December. 

When to fly: Fly out on a Wednesday return on a Wednesday.

Best time to buy: On a Friday, 5 weeks in advance.   

Cheapest Airfare to Bangkok always found using:  SkyScanner

Best Airlines: China Eastern Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Etihad Airways have the lowest fares.

Am I getting a good deal? Good deals for this route are priced below $1100.


Accommodation Hacks:

Hostel Prices: Dorm for $35-45 USD/person

Cheapest Hostel Site: Hostel World (no booking fees!)

2-3 star hotel prices:  $15-50USD/night using

4-5 star hotel prices:  $50+ USD/night using

Hotwire:  If you aren’t too picky with the brand of the hotel and are willing to forfeit  the name of the hotel for up to 50% off. You can access the deals here.

Air B & B: The selection of authentic apartments and other unique accommodations in Bangkok can be found on Air B & B. You can access the best selection of rooms here.


Airport Transportation:

Easiest: Limousine bus direct to major hotels, ~120 minutes (subject to traffic), ¥3,100.

Airport Rail: The Airport Rail Link offers a high-speed train service to downtown Bangkok. It’s also a way of avoiding Bangkok’s horrendous rush hour traffic, particularly when it’s raining. Trains run 06:00-23:59 every day and travel at an amazing 160km/h (100mph).

Private Airport Express: Private airport Express  buses, including backpacker favourite AE2 to Khao San Road, stopped running in Jun 2011. To take a public bus or minibus, you must first take the free shuttle bus from outside the second floor, gate 5 to the Public Transportation Center a few kilometres away.  

Taxis: There is a  $1.50 baht surcharge on top of the meter (not per passenger!), meaning that trips to the city will cost $8-$13 baht.



Taxis:  Taxis throughout the city cost under $5 USD.

Public Transportation: For $0.25 USD on the non-air conditioned buses and $0.50 USD on the air conditioned buses, you can travel pretty much anywhere in the city.


Food & Drinks:

Fast Food Meal: $1-3 USD/person

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $5-10USD/person

Mid-range 3 course meal: $25USD/ person

Beer: $1-2 USD each

Cocktail: $3-5 each 


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