Trip Hack Guide: Sydney

Trip Hack Guide: Sydney

The travel hub of Australia: Sydney. Where you can spend endless days at the beach experience the lively food scene or take a day trip to the endless exotic locations within Australia. We’ve done all the travel hacking to help you find the cheapest (and perhaps shortest!) flight to Sydney.


AirFare Hacks:

Cheapest time to go:  Early September

Most Expensive:  July and August

When to fly: Fly out on a Monday, return on a Wednesday

Best time to buy: On a Wednesday, 5 weeks in advance

Cheapest Airfare to Sydney are always found on: SkyScanner

Best Airlines: Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, and Air Canada have the lowest fares.

Am I getting a good deal? Good deals for this route are priced below $1,274.


Accommodation Hacks:

Hostel Prices: Dorm for $27-35 USD/person.

Cheapest Hostel Site: Hostel World (no booking fees!)

2-3 star hotel prices:  $130-200 USD/night using

Hotwire:  If you aren’t too picky with the brand of the hotel and are willing to forfeit  the name of the hotel for up to 50% off. You can access the deals here.

Air B & B: The selection of authentic apartments and other unique accommodations in Sydney can be found on Air B & B. You can access the best selection of rooms here.

Jetsetter: Often has flash sales of only 4-5 star hotels like the Trump or Four Seasons for 20-40% off. You can access the New York deals here.


Airport Transportation:

METRO: Suburban trains operated by Sydney Trains depart frequently from Domestic and International rail stations, which are connected to the airline terminals via lifts and pedestrian subways. A single ticket to the city is $15.90-$16.70 (day-return ticket $31.80-$33.40). Passengers for the city centre should take a train from Platform 1.

TAXIS: To the city centre should cost approximately $40 (including tolls), and more to other Sydney destinations (The Rocks $40-45, North Sydney $45, Manly $50, Parramatta $80-100 etc.) You can expect to pay a $3.80 airport taxi levy and a $5.50 Eastern Distributor toll on top of the metered fare. If you are arriving on a Friday evening, you may face a long queue for taxis.

Shuttle Bus: The shuttle bus will drive passengers to the city and deliver them to the door of their hotel. You can buy a ticket for a shuttle bus to your hotel from the information desk at T1 or T3 for $18. The cheaper option is to book online in advance, which will be around $12. 


Food & Drinks:

Fast Food Meal: $10  USD/person

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $20 USD/person

Mid-range 3 course meal: $90 USD/ person

Beer: $8.00 USD each

Cocktail: $10-12 each

Groceries for the week: $50-80 USD per week


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