Trip Hack Resources

Trip Hack Resources

The travel resource cheat sheet. From booking the cheapest flight, to paying next to nothing on accommodation, here are the 17 sites that will save you a fortune on your next trip.






1. For a list of the cheapest flights anywhere in the world: Skyscanner

  • Skyscanner’s site has one of the most straight-forward and cheapest flight searches available online
  • Their prices include budget carriers (unlike Expedia and other travel booking sites)
  • Allows flexible searches through their availability calendar





2. If you’re on a budget but don’t know where to go:  Kayak Explore

  • Search for flights in a map format using the Kayak Explore option
  • Second to Skyscanner when it comes to the cheapest flight results


Kayak Explore


3. For finding the cheapest date to fly:  Google Flights

  • Flight results will suggest alternative dates showing how much you can save
  • Great for complex multi-city routes and international flights


Google Flights


4. For picking the best seat on the plane: SeatGuru

  • This is NOT a booking site, but a guide to picking the best seat after your flight is booked
  • Enter your flight information to pull up the exact plane with a rating system for every seat


Seat guru




5. For the cheapest rental car options: Expedia

  • Hands down, the largest travel  site providing you with the most rental car options
  • While flights may not be the cheapest, their flight+hotel, vacation and cruise deals are always the best price




6. Getting from A to B the cheapest way possible: Rome 2 Rio

  • The best site for planning any type of land travel: bus, train, boat etc.
  • Shows you the cost, duration and route for destinations all around the world






7. When you want a nice hotel but don’t care about the brand: Hotwire

  • Hotwire offers the same hotels for 30 to 80% less without displaying the brand of the hotel
  • You’re still able to see reviews, star rating and the exact location of your hotel (sometimes it’s pretty obvious what it is)




8. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal:

  • One of the best hotel booking sites for comparing rates, reviews and deals
  • They often have better rates than other hotel booking sites


9. If you’re staying for more than a couple of nights: AirBnB

  • AirBnB is quickly becoming the most authentic and affordable option for accommodation
  • From shared rooms for dirt cheap to penthouses for less than $100/night, there is something for everyone
  • Use this link to get $25 off your stay on Airbnb




10. If you’re looking for a cheap and safe hostel: Hostel World

  • The best site for booking safe and affordable hostels all around the world
  • Reliable reviews, photos and budget travel advice make this the #1 resource for booking hostels


Hostel World


11. If you want a free place to stay, and don’t mind sharing: Couchsurfing

  • Couchsurfing is a reliable, and safe community of locals helping others travel for less
  • Locals offer a place to sleep for free while providing a more local experience
  • The site includes millions of reviews to ensure the safety of each stay






12. For the cheapest all-inclusive vacation: RedTag

  • Has the best options for affordable all-inclusive vacations departing from Canada
  • If you’re departing from the US, check out a similar site Cheap Caribbean




13. If you want to cruise for as little as $30 a night: Cruisesheet

  • Hands-down the best way to find a cruise deal, with cruises starting at $27/night
  • They display any type of cruise length, price and destination (check out their re-positioning cruises for the best deals)






14. For highly reviewed activities & restaurant deals for 40-60% off: TravelZoo

  • TravelZoo has over 250 deal experts searching for the best entertainment, restaurant, activity and spas deals all around the world
  • You’ll have to book ahead, as each deal sells out fast




15. For the best possible insurance coverage: Allianz

  • Reasonable rates with extensive coverage




16. Volunteer to get FREE food and accommodations: WWOOFing and Work Away

  • If you’re looking at travelling for cheap, these sites provide a great way to give back and travel for less
  • Both WWOOFing and Work Away have thousands of options for work in every area of the world





17. The best travel guides for anywhere in the world: Lonely Planet

  • Lonely Planet is the #1 brand when it comes to any type of travel guide…especially budget travel
  • Each guide is now available in e-book format, offering a more affordable and lighter way of getting your travel information


Lonely Planet


Disclosure: All the resources  above are used on a daily basis to find deals on this site. A few of the links above are affiliate links, meaning Daily Trip Hack will make a small commission if you purchase anything from them.

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